3 Steps to Get the Appropriate Liquor POS for Your Organization


But what if we told you that there is one simple thing your growing liquor shop can do immediately to gain a substantial competitive advantage? It is easy -- invest in a liquor point of sale solution that grows with your company!

What's the Ideal POS System for Liquor Stores?

What's the best POS system for liquor shops? As an industry-leading POS supplier, it is a question that we get all of the time. The answer might surprise you!


The"best" liquor store POS is one which gives the unique characteristics and functions your growing liquor store business requirements. To make matters more complicated, when it comes to liquor store POS hardware and software, not all systems are created equal. Additionally, liquor stores typically require advanced features that generalized POS systems simply can not deliver. In your search for a liquor store POS system, here are a couple of must-have features that you ought to absolutely prioritize.


Everything You Will Need to Know About American Express Small Business Saturday

Whether you are a new business or you have never engaged in Small Business Saturday, 2020 is the year to get involved.


With COVID-19 and each the unpredictable situations we have faced this season, people are more supportive of small companies than ever. This season is all about community and building up each other.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Small Business for Cyber Monday 2020

When there are those who still favor in-store shopping sprees, you will find just too many (or more) who are currently dedicated to online holiday shopping.


As a merchant, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are probably in your mind -- but we are here to remind you that Cyber Monday is equally as important. Follow these tips to be certain you're fully prepared for the 2020 holiday season!


Retail Fashion report from 'Presents Fair'

Whether you market in-store, on the internet or across both stations, Melbourne's shopping environment is always a great and exceptional inspiration source.


We Melbournians love our laneways and those eateries which are uniquely Melbourne. However, there's something about this town's retail that is changing. In this blog, we will discuss our firsthand experience at Reed Gifts Fair 2015 to describe the retail revolution that's occurring in our city. We've just returned back to regular office life from a 5-day Gift Fairs exhibition. What we witnessed at the expo was just great and seriously positive for smaller retailers and ConnectPOS. This is what we heard as exhibitors at the expo: