4 Must-Have Characteristics for Your Retail POS System

The POS system is the center of each retail shop. That is why it's crucial that you exercise great care in searching for brand new POS hardware and applications. Let us take a peek at four must-have characteristics which ought to be part of almost any retail POS system you are seriously contemplating.



Why Retail POS Demos are Crucial Before Buy

So, you're going to sign a contract for the purchase of a new retail POS system. Stop! Unless you have ran a retail POS demo, you have skipped the most important step in the purchasing procedure. Let us discuss why this is true --and what makes a retail POS demonstration a"must" before you make a firm commitment to obtaining any retail POS technology from any vendor or VAR.



How to Get the Ideal POS System for Quick Service Restaurants

From processing transactions, to handling operational and labor expenses and more, the point of sale (POS) system plays a vital role in the achievement of fast service establishments. That is why it's imperative that you discover the best POS system for quick service restaurants. Here are four ideas to get you started.



The Link Between Restaurants and EMV in Sit-Down Establishments

 By now, you've heard lots about the adoption of the EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) payment technology standard and the installation of EMV-compliant point of sale (POS) equipment that processes chip card transactions. But when it comes to restaurants and EMV, there is a whole lot of misinformation circulating because EMV payments in restaurants raise different issues compared to other kinds of merchants. Here are 3 things operators of sit-down restaurants actually should learn about EMV.



3 Reasons Why an Industrial PC is Ideal for Your Restaurant

 From order taking to payment processing and seemingly everything in between, the personal computer (PC) plays an significant role in the performance of your restaurant. That is why it's important to pick the ideal PC for your institution. Here are 3 reasons an industrial PC is your best option for your restaurant.