2021 Restaurant Technology Trends

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the restaurant business early last year, restaurants were forced to undergo a substantial transformation. While turning to more innovative approaches to fight lockdowns, limited capacity, dwindling inventory, and social distancing guidelines, technology became the backbone of restaurant operations.

Retail Technology at 2021: 5 Must-Have Solutions

The last year has been hard for each business. With lockdowns and limitations due to the pandemic, retailers have had to reimagine how they do business, using new procedures to provide convenience and security to clients and staff alike. Retail trends which were increasing in popularity, such as online shopping, are becoming increasingly more popular amidst the pandemic, as they provide convenience and open more revenue opportunities. Other technology trends also have emerged as retailers have adapted to social distancing guidelines and client preferences. Looking forward, retailers must focus on those five must-have solutions to enhance their customer support and equip their company with the tools to deal with whatever comes their way in 2021. 

Integration of Self-Order Kiosks and POS

Self-Ordering Kiosks are gaining popularity in Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants. Most recently McDonalds announced they would be rolling out self-order kiosks to every one of their 14,000 US stores. Lots of the other major QSR players have followed suit with their own trials, pilots and rollout announcements, while at the Quick Casual space businesses like Panera have been implementing their own kiosk rollout strategy for a while.



Retailers Give Shoppers Faster Checkout with Pay with Google, Now Part of Branding Brand's

Purchase Google supports frictionless retail buying anywhere through mobile, desktop, in-store, and soon, smart home devices. Using the secure payment system, shoppers can checkout instantly in Android apps or on Chrome with any confirmed debit or credit cards added to their Google Account.



What Point of Sale Device is Perfect for Your Business?

Generally, the definition of a point of sale device is a piece of hardware (and sometimes, applications ) that enables merchants to execute transactions. It facilitates business owners to accept multiple tender types like cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile pockets.