Everything You Will Need to Know About American Express Small Business Saturday

Whether you are a new business or you have never engaged in Small Business Saturday, 2020 is the year to get involved.


With COVID-19 and each the unpredictable situations we have faced this season, people are more supportive of small companies than ever. This season is all about community and building up each other.

What is American Express Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday came to be during the downturn in 2010. As a business, American Express values community -- that is the reason why they created a new movement on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, inspiring people to holiday shop at small companies. The first Small Business Saturday was such a success that it went nationwide in 2011. Business associations, nonprofit groups, and public officials united to form a coalition, encouraging everybody to Shop Small. People began to understand that shopping little also meant supporting their regional communities. In the end, small businesses are what bring life and character to communities, helping them flourish.

How Can My Company Encourage Individuals to Shop Small?

As stated, consumers enjoy shopping small because they understand they're supporting their community. Having said that, why don't you share how you are supporting the community, too? Why did you opt to put down roots in this community? Why is it important to you, and what is your story? You may share your desktop via social networking posts, emails, in-store flyers, and much more. Wherever you set your focus, your clients will love getting to know you. That is the difference here. People prefer to shop from a local merchant that they have linked with than a big box retailer they will never get to talk to. Own that! If you are not really sure where to start using visuals, American Express has posters, social networking graphics, and more you can download in preparation for Small Business Saturday. These substances help show customers you are part of the motion, which is also a terrific way to begin a conversation. Whether you go large or keep it mild, just be sure you put a little extra effort into email campaigns, social networking posts, and in-store promotion this season. The best way to reach people and tell your story is being present where they are. All your communication will be well worth it! Create Small Business Saturday Involved and Exciting So you understand exactly what Small Business Saturday is and how important it is to tell your story -- but how do your company stand out from the crowd and get clients excited? We've got a couple of ideas.

Local or Digital SMB Events

While it might seem somewhat different this season, there are typically local events for owners who help kick off Small Business Saturday. It's still great to check into, so check locally for socially distanced occasions or search online for virtual gatherings. Based upon your shop setup and the amount of space you have, you could think about throwing your own celebration, too! These events provide a terrific opportunity to meet other small business owners and community with significant people in town. Again, this may also be done practically, so get creative with ways your company can make its own mark.

Shop Small Deals and Contests

You could be engaging in Black Friday already, and that is excellent. However, if you would like to participate with Small Business Saturday this year, you must line up some enticing deals for your motion. Create BOGO offers, percentage or dollar amount discounts, free gifts with purchases, or anything else you can imagine to excite customers. But most of all, the supplies you come up with shouldn't be the very same ones you used for Black Friday. You could also run competitions on social networking, which are incredibly simple to manage. Instagram is a excellent platform for contests! Make an organic post, possibly featuring the"prize" that is up for grabs. The post caption can say something like the following: Small Business Saturday is close, and we have got a special surprise for you. We are giving away [decoration ] to a lucky winner! To enter, ensure you're following us. Then, like this post, and label three buddies in the comments. The competition ends on [date] and a winner will be declared on [date]! Running a competition such as this does a few things. It shows that the involvement with Small Business Saturday, encouraging individuals to Shop Small. Secondly, it gets people excited because, who does not love free stuff? And third, it is literally a priceless way to gain new followers and boost involvement on social networking. Win, win, win.

Keep Your Customers Current

Among the most important pieces of American Express Small Business Saturday is ensuring that your store's information is current. It has been a crazy year for everybody, we know -- but do all you can to make life easier for your customers during the holiday season. If you do not have listings, Google My Business and the Shop Small Map are terrific places to start. This time of year, customers will be exclusively searching for small companies -- and you need to be certain you're easy to discover. If you already have a Google My Business listing, check back on it if your shop hours will be changing. Like many other companies, you might have edited them early on when quarantine was only letting up and forgot to change back your hours. You don't want clients to lose out on precious time or arrive in your storefront when you are not open! On that same note, check on Facebook if you are busy there, too. Your Facebook Business profile lets you include store hours and additional information, and social media is just another location consumers will look to find out more about your business.





Preparing for American Express Small Business Saturday

Feeling overwhelmed by the holiday season? Don't worry -- we've got your back! If you need inspiration or retail-focused hints, download our free source: The Retailers' Guide to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and the 2020 Holiday Season. Our manual has ideas, hints, industry-specific offers, and everything else you have to succeed this holiday season. Make your mark as a small business and promote the neighborhood community to Shop Small. You have got this.