Exceeding Your Clients Expectations Is Possible


All of us know that when it comes to business, competition is fierce. With dozens, hundreds or even thousands of businesses offering similar products or services on your business, to survive and succeed your company must stick out from the rest. In order to do this you want to get a unique selling point (USP) and among the best USP's you could have is a fantastic reputation for exceeding client expectations.
All of us know that when it comes to business, competition is fierce. With dozens, hundreds or even thousands of businesses offering similar products or services on your business, to survive and succeed your company must stick out from the rest. In order to do this you want to get a unique selling point (USP) and among the best USP's you could have is a fantastic reputation for exceeding client expectations.
Firms that go the extra mile to delight their clients create the perfect chance for them to tell the world exactly what fantastic service they've received. Let's face it, are you going to make the effort to get online and tell your social networking followers your package arrived as expected, on time and the service was simply satisfactory? Probably not. But if you get amazing customer care, your package arrives early or you've gotten a free gift or discount code in return for your habit then you're far more inclined to shout about it. The cause of this is simply that nearly all organizations are happy to simply perform satisfactorily. Unfortunately being adequate does not get you noticed. Lots of folks prefer to make purchases from companies recommended to them by family, friends and coworkers, and keeping and acquiring a reputation for putting customers first will raise the organic growth of your organization.

What are the key advantages of exceeding customer expectations?

In a nutshell:
  • As soon as you discover the area and method where you're likely to exceed customer expectations it's a relatively simple and inexpensive thing to do.
  • It increases customer loyalty to your brand, meaning repeat business is more likely. This then raises'Customer Lifetime Value' (CLV) which represents the total expected revenue from each client during their whole relationship with your organization. Some companies are known to create nearly all their earnings purely through repeat business.
  • It builds a strong reputation and brand. You become known as a reliable and trustworthy company that values its clients.
  • Free advertising! As we've already mentioned, exceeding customer expectations is one sure fire way to get your business mentioned both verbally and on social media as they share their positive experience with you. Happy customers can be just as successful as any expensive advertising campaign.
Finally by exceeding customer expectations you'll be prompting them to return, invest and speak more, and all these can have a positive impact on your company.

Client Expectations -- The best way to become satisfactory

So as to determine how to exceed customer expectations first you have to know what their expectations are. As a general rule, clients only anticipate a satisfactory service. By way of instance, in ConnectPOS POS our principal aim is to be certain support calls are answered in a timely fashion and the same applies to solving client's problem. They expect sites to be reasonably easy to navigate, products to match their description and the checkout process to be simple and secure. They anticipate reasonable shipping costs and times, protected packaging and a reasonable returns policy. They expect knowledgeable, polite staff and decent communication. Similarly, our merchandise, iPad POS does the same for its customers and even looks after their customers. By way of instance, EMV deadline is approaching -- ConnectPOS POS is currently EMV prepared. Our customers expect us to stay ahead of this trend and for us and it is always about meeting expectations. So once you consider it, there's got to be something in one of these procedures which could be enhanced to make it conversation-worthy!
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Client Expectations -- The best way to surprise and surpass them!

We now know that client expectations are really quite low. The next step is to understand the numerous ways in which customers interact with your company. This can allow you to identify which areas to target to supply an enhanced experienced. These customer interaction points, which we'll refer to as CIP's, may include communications such as telephone conversations; tweets and emails, visits to your site, making a purchase or making a return or exchange. Each one of these CIP's is an opportunity for you to surpass customer expectations and reap the associated benefits. However it's important not to attempt to make a lot of changes at once. This can be costly, confusing and time consuming. Too much change is also off-putting for existing clients. Instead concentrate on making improvements to a CIP at one time. Among the simplest ways to do this is by breaking them down into various categories. This might be by phases in the buying process, such as pre-purchase, during buy and post-purchase. Alternatively you might prefer to break them down by interaction type, such as social media communication, direct communication, receiving goods etc.. In these categories you can then break down the interactions into individual processes. We've designed the following table that will assist you understand these further. This is a general principle that will have to be adapted to best suit the procedures and requirements of your company.
Immediate Communication
  • Mail
  • Phone dialog
  • Live Chat
Social Media Communication
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Check-out procedure
Receiving Goods
  • Shipping cost
  • Shipping time
  • Packaging
After Sales Services
  • Returns
  • Exchanges
  • Follow-Ups
Informational Sources
  • Descriptions
  • Pictures
  • Video
Ad-hoc Services
  • Newsletters
  • Receipts
After these CIPs are broken down this way, you could be able to readily identify an area that you believe needs the most improvement and can concentrate on this as your chance to exceed expectations. Examples of methods by which other companies have gone the extra mile to make something sudden, original and conversation-worthy with their clients comprise a witty delivery email, thank you cards and beautifully packaged deliveries, and small inexpensive gifts such as candies with their purchases. The crucial thing here is to determine something your normal customer would appreciate. There's absolutely not any use putting gorgeous packaging on a delivery of sport gear, nor is there any point sending out chewy candies into a target market of denture-wearers. For those who own a store floor you can invest in cloud-based point of sale technology so that your clients may make a purchase without the need to queue or leave their preferred product. This would also let you offer comprehensive sales advice through the transaction. Speak to existing clients and brainstorm with your staff to ascertain what method you need to use to increase your customers experience.
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Test Run your Wow Factor and Get Feedback!

As soon as you have established how you're going to delight your clients you will need to do a test run of the whole procedure. You may decide to do this by getting the whole purchase experience through the eyes of a brand new client yourself. Better yet you might have the ability to create a focus group of new clients who will go through the procedure and make a very low value purchase -- they get to maintain -- in return for comments on the experience. Whichever option you decide to choose for your test run, ensure that you ask the following questions:

Which, if any, areas of the procedure exceeded your expectations?

If so, do you share your expertise and how? (At this stage give your testers the choice to select from phone, face to face and assorted social networking sites). This form of feedback is very valuable in analyzing what portions of the procedure are powerful and which parts need more focus. Alongside any comments you will receive during the test run, you could also use feedback tools like Receiptful and Klaviyo to ask customers to rate their experience with you. In case you have successfully exceeded customer expectations then you need to also see a spike in the amount of social networking interactions that mention your organization. Responding to those by'liking' them or providing comments of gratitude also reinforces a positive new message and makes those clients feel valued.


Any company is worth nothing without its clients and providing them with an improved experience is one way to improve the probability of success. Clients who feel valued will finally spend spend spend: spend more, spend more frequently and spend some time talking to others about their experience with your organization. Exceed their expectations and the achievement of your organization could exceed past yours.