Get the Most out of Your Own Table Service POS System This Holiday Season

 Dining out is a favourite pastime of consumers whatever the time of year. However, the holiday season--with its many group parties of different types --will likely bring even more visitors in your restaurant, creating new businesses opportunities. Exploiting such opportunities necessitates making the most of your desk service POS system to:



Facilitate stock management.

The stock management element of your desk service POS system guarantees you will have the appropriate amounts of ingredients available, at the ideal time. How? Rather than guesswork and hearsay, orders for each ingredient can be automatically generated once present supplies are depleted to a pre-set level. Pre-set ingredient amounts can be temporarily corrected to reflect expected increases in business in vacation time, and temporary developments of seasonal ingredients used only to prepare special holiday menu items (Christmas cookies and breads, for example ) could be added.

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You can also get the most out of your table service POS system by leveraging it to review revenue records and determine which menu items sold especially well during the last holiday season (same time last year) and which weren't so common. By doing this, you are more likely to incorporate a menu that really appeals to holiday audiences.

Ensure appropriate employee scheduling.

As a look at your desk service POS system permits you to acquire an accurate image of last year's holiday revenue, it lets you discover if your institution was at its busiest and look at staffing levels for individual time intervals. With such information at your fingertips, you can assign an adequate number of runners, servers, busboys (and women ), and kitchen employees to every shift--in turn adapting holiday audiences without compromising customer service. Excessive payroll expenditures can also be eliminated when a restaurant POS system has a worker monitoring module, since the technology makes scheduling a lot of workers to pay a specified shift a veritable impossibility.

Enhance transaction security and prevent liability for fraudulent transactions.

This is simple if you've set up a desk service POS system that is"EMV-ready." An"EMV-ready" table support POS system--or any POS system, for that matter, is considered"EMV prepared" since it's been configured to accommodate transactions completed via"chip-enabled" debit and credit cards fabricated in conformance with the Europay/MasterCard/Visa worldwide benchmark. Such cards shop payment information on a secure processor as opposed to a magnetic stripe. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, chip-enabled cards can't be unlawfully duplicated for use in fraudulent transactions. EMV also supports improved cardholder verification and authentication. The upshot? The odds of processing fraudulent transactions--which is always a concern, but is really high in mind at holiday time--is significantly diminished, if not eliminated. Concerns about assuming accountability for these transactions, which shifted from issuers to merchants on October 1, 2015 (see our previous blog entries on the EMV liability change ), are also removed with an"EMV-ready" restaurant POS system.

Enhance table management and decrease wait times for tables.

A table service POS system enhances table management in a desk service institution in a number of unique ways. Some restaurant POS systems permit table position (vacant, in use, only vacated, being cleared, etc.) to be displayed onscreen at the host stand, which makes it easier for restaurant personnel to assign tables to waiting parties and ensuring that empty tables are rapidly re-set and prepared for another group of holiday revelers.

If the table service POS system has a mobile POS part, orders can be transmitted directly from customers' tables into the kitchen instead of re-entered to a central terminal or hauled to kitchen staff through paper tickets. The quicker orders are obtained in the kitchen, the quicker orders are prepared, and the quicker tables turn. Moreover, the ability to take mobile payments via a restaurant POS system--from clients' smartphones or mobile POS terminals used in a pay-at-the-table application--retains tables spinning quicker as well, making things easier to handle. This is particularly significant at holiday time, when everybody wants to celebrate.

Your desk service POS system is the core of your establishment. Your vacations --and your clients' holidays--will be happier when you exploit the technology to its best advantage.

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