Free Download : 3D Spiral Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

3D Spiral Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

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3D Spiral Gallery is a WebGL based photo gallery with a unique design. There are 2 mode “vertical” and “horizontal” with lot of variables to change the gallery look and feel.

Multiple Screen Supported

From desktop to mobile, the application will adapts to each screen size while maintaining elegant design and user experience.

Rich API

The technical design offers many classic OOP advantages like the single responsibility principle but also provide a wide range of public methods that unique to each component.

Quality Control

Source code are well commented and thoroughly tested and checked to ensure its bug free quality for production.


Various controls, parameters and configuration options are implemented to make the application extremely easy to customize and extend further.

Full Features

  • 2 mode “vertical” and “horizontal”
  • Default dark theme and light theme
  • Multi media support: photo, audio, video, ajax, inline, embedded iframe
  • Multiple Controls: keyboard and mouse
  • Multiple Screen support: mobile, tablet. desktop
  • Multi categories support
  • Full screen support
  • Full width support
  • High quality code commenting
  • High quality documentation
  • Over 50 configuration options
  • Advanced full fledged 2D gallery mode: auto activated on browser with unsupported CSS3D features
  • Advanced MediaViewer component, a feature rich lightbox application to view extended contents
  • Advanced build system with Grunt: easily create distribution and examples file with builtin tasks
  • CSS preprocessor using SASS and Compass framework
  • Multiple SASS variables offering extreme flexibility to customize application look and feel
  • animejs as core animation engine: multiple easing equations support, configure delay, duration, callback with ease
  • HTML preprocessor using Pug templates
  • videojs as main video playback engine
  • audio5js as main audio playback engine
  • Multiple examples files provided
  • Custom components: ItemTitle, ItemDescription
  • Lightweight: only 28KB in gzip format



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