Free Download : 80s Synthwave Pack

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11 Versions Included!

This pack consists of three dance, retro, 80s synthwave background music tracks with analog synth pop sound, groovy rhythms, warm electronic pads and what’s important – nostalgic retro vibes.

This retrowave music will be helpful for film makers, bloggers, game devs, padcasts, YouTube videos, promo videos, GoPro footage, 80s commercials, advertising, presentations, old school video games, vlogs, social media blogs, game conferences, retro game teasers, cyberpunk projects, car concepts.

Tracks Included to the Pack:

1. 80s Synthwave

80s Synthwave is an energetic synthwave background music with colorful, retro sound and atmosphere of 80s synth pop. This retrowave music will bring those vibes into your video, game or movie.

It has a lot of old school synth sounds, pads, arpeggios and electric guitar solo. This musical background is great for video games, cyberpunk videos, teasers, openers, adverts, commercials, YouTube, conferences, presentations, trailers, movies, car concepts, 80s videos and more!

5 Versions Included:
1. 80s Synthwave – 2:41.
2. 80s Synthwave Short – 2:00.
3. 80s Synthwave Short 2 – 1:32.
4. 80s Synthwave Short 3 – 2:00.
5. 80s Synthwave Loop – 2:06.

2. 80s Synthwave Uplifting

80s Synthwave Uplifting is a positive, happy synthwave background music. It has colorful, retro synths that create an atmosphere of 80s. This retrowave music will bring those vibes into your video, game or movie.

4 Versions Included:
1. 80s Synthwave Uplifting – 2:29.
2. 80s Synthwave Uplifting Short – 1:28.
3. 80s Synthwave Uplifting Short 2 – 1:28.
4. 80s Synthwave Uplifting Loop – 1:14.

3. 80s Retrowave Arcade

80s Retrowave Arcade is an energetic synthwave background music with a mix of chiptunes and 80s synth pop. This retrowave music will bring those vibes into your video, game or movie. It’s sounds like a music from 2d game consoles (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo).

2 Versions Included:
1. 80s Retrowave Arcade – 2:03.
5. 80s Retrowave Arcade Loop – 1:40.

Information for VideoHive authors:
You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Don’t forget to send me the link on your item via email or comments so that I can include it to my profile and item descriptions

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