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Application Menu GUI Sounds Pack Include:

  1. Application Menu GUI Sounds 01 - [0:02]
  2. Application Menu GUI Sounds 02 - [0:01]
  3. Application Menu GUI Sounds 03 - [0:01]
  4. Application Menu GUI Sounds 04 - [0:01]
  5. Application Menu GUI Sounds 05 - [0:02]

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Application Menu GUI Sounds Pack Use:

Royalty Free Sound Effect suitable for any devices and gadgets such as: computer (PC, Apple or Mac), mobile, touchpad, phone, laptop, tablet, iPad, touchscreen, notebook, iPhone etc. You can use the mouse click Audio FX for respond on a suitable event in Android, animations, messenger, pc and mobile games, application, software, multimedia, iOS, console video games, operating system (especially if you want to find UI SFX like old school OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Linux, macOS etc), program, dialog, web app, mail, menu etc… This User Interface Effects was specially processed for GUI feedback reaction on cursor moving, press buttons, switch, pop-up elements, mouse click, notifications and other “push” events.

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Application Menu GUI Sounds - 1 Application Menu GUI Sounds - 2Application Menu GUI Sounds - 3Application Menu GUI Sounds - 4Application Menu GUI Sounds - 5

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