Free Download : Beautiful velvet curtains in three versions

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Three options for beautiful curtain opening. Plus bonus: three options for the right side of the curtain separately. Using these opening curtains, you will get a beautiful presentation for home photos, wedding ceremonies or children’s and entertainment programs or product advertising. High-quality 4K animation.

There are three folders in the archive: Red curtains, Blue curtains, Curtains with snowflakes. Each file with curtains is accompanied by a file with a black-and-white mask, which serves to form a transparent background (alpha channel).

In any video editor (for example, in Adobe After Effects), you can place your video under the video with curtains (before that, you need to create a transparent background using a black-and-white mask, as shown in the example) and get a colorful opening of your content.

If your video, slideshow, or opening of the show lasts longer than the video with the curtains themselves, but you want the curtains to remain on the screen all the time, you need to immediately after the video with the curtains put a PNG file (the last frame of static curtains with a transparent background), which is also included in each set of curtains.

Length of each video in seconds:

1.Red curtains – 0:17

2.Blue curtains – 0:17

3.Curtains with snowflakes – 0:17


4.Only the right Red curtain – 0:16

5.Only the right Blue curtain – 0:15

6.Right curtain with snowflakes – 0:17

Video files with black-and-white masks (to form a transparent background) correspond in length to files with curtains.

Good luck!

Links to the content used in the preview:

Video by KinoMaster –

Video by KinoMaster –

Video by Gledcher –

Music by NewZhilla –

Music by FunMission –

Music by ElephantMusic –

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