Free Download : Education and E Learning Promotion Kit

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whatsapp +91 8299220805 for custom explainer This animated Education and E Learning Promotion Kit is specially made for education, graduation, online learning and convocation type of project.
The folder contains the Template file in CS6 and also in CS5.5 version. Main Key Points of project are as follows:-

Main features:

• Each Element created with Shape Layers
39 Scenes
• Complete Resizable
• Expression Universalizer
• No plugins required
• Works with After Effects CS5.5, CS6 and higher
• Fully and easily customizable
• We have rigged one set of the people with the plugin DUIK 15.0
Download DUIK for free here
Peoples Local Color Controls
• Easily adjust key frame Time
• Works for all language of after effects
• Global Color Changing control for scenes elements with individual controls also
• Music is not included
• Promo Preview is include

Project Contains:

30 x People Concepts
9 x Backgrounds
16 x Hand Explainer
10 x Typography
10 x Transitions
93 X Animated Stroke Color Icons (3D Bar Graph, Achievement Letter, Air Balloon, Alarm Clock, Apple, Atom, Award Badge, Award, Bank, Bar Graph, Black Board, Books Rack, Books, Brain Gears, Brush Paint Kit, Calculator, Calendar, Chat, Circle Graph, Clip Docs, Clock, Close Diary, Close mail, Cloud Computing, Cloud tech, Compass, Computer Cabinet, Computer Monitor, Cosco ball, Degree, Desktop, Doc, Docs File, Eraser, File Folder, Five Star, Football, Gift, Globe, Graduation Cap, Graph Docs, Green Board, Hanging board, Headphone, Idea Bulb, CFL, Ink Pen, I-Pad, Keyboard, Kit Bag, Lab Tube, Laptop, Microscope, Molecule, Mouse, Mud Set, Open Book, Open Mail, Paper Plane, Pen, Pencil, Piggy Bank, Pinned Docs, Playground Kids Slide, Playground Swing, Pyramid Graph, Rocket rotate, Rugby Ball, Ruler, School Bag, School Bus, School, Science Tube, Scissors, Score pad, Set Square, Sharpener, Spectacle, Staple, Stop Watch, Table chair, Table Lamp, Table, Target, Test Tube set, Timer clock, Volleyball, Whistle, Writing Book)
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