Free Download : Ethnic Hybrid Epic Trailer Pack

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Fantasy Adventure, Dark Trailer, Celtic Action, Epic Viking


Ethno Hybrid Epical Trailer Pack include THREE commercial tracks in the style of ethnic Cinematic Trailer perfectly suitable as background for ethnic traditional video, dark Tribal Ambient and Mystic Orient atmosphere, Ancient World, war Epic Viking campaign , Desert Ambient, Nordic Folk stories, Celtic Spirit atmosphere, Fantsy Game background, Medieval Battle, Savage Tribal nature and savannah, Ritual Tribal scenes, Documentary Background and Historical Documentary films, Viking Play, exotic TV Show , Game Background, Discovery Channel, Discovery World video, films and TV series, story about Voodoo Ritual and other cult rituals, scientific broadcast about expedition to old Northern Europe and Middle East, presentation and stylish projects, web page and radio music.

In this pack used Tribe Chant, Ethnic Percussion, Tribal Drums, War Drums, war Viking Horn, Battle Drums, Tuvan Throat singing Hurdy Gurdy, conga and tikitakas, tambourines, distortions bamboo Flute Solo (shakuhachi), rhythmic bazantar, sound design effects.


1. Epic Viking Hybrid Trailer – 3:01

2. Ethnic Dark Hybrid Trailer:

  • Original – 2:38 (on preview)
  • Version 2 – 2:08

3. Industrial Hybrid Epic Ethnic:

  • Original – 3:06 (on preview)
  • Version 2 – 2:48
  • Version 3 – 1:50

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This track is stylistically similar to:

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