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The Glitch Logo is a futuristic, revealing glitchy logo with electronic noise jamms and modern, sci fi-ish sound. Use it both for private and business projects, tech blog, podcast about gadgets or promotion of your personal brand. It’s a short, minimal logo with digital sounding.

This music intro will be useful for branding, corporate projects, gadget presentations, business, smartphone advertising, video logos, hi tech commercial, YouTube, TV, computer vlogs, video production, promotion, film credits, etc.

Versions Included:
1. The Glitch Logo – 0:10.

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You are more than welcome to use this track for your VideoHive projects. Please post the link in your item description and drop me a line!

The Glitch Logo - 1

The Glitch Logo - 2

The Glitch Logo - 3The Glitch Logo - 4The Glitch Logo - 5The Glitch Logo - 6The Glitch Logo - 7The Glitch Logo - 8The Glitch Logo - 9The Glitch Logo - 10The Glitch Logo - 11The Glitch Logo - 12

The Glitch Logo - 13

The Glitch Logo - 14The Glitch Logo - 15The Glitch Logo - 16The Glitch Logo - 17The Glitch Logo - 18The Glitch Logo - 19The Glitch Logo - 20The Glitch Logo - 21

The Glitch Logo - 22

The Glitch Logo - 23The Glitch Logo - 24The Glitch Logo - 25The Glitch Logo - 26The Glitch Logo - 27

The Glitch Logo - 28

The Glitch Logo - 29

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