Free Download : ktRainbowPolygons maya mel script

ktRainbowPolygons maya mel script

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ktRainbowColors maya mel script

assigns unique colors to each polygon objects in your scene.(generates only a shader)
by the way you can detect objects clear way on viewport and render.
its a good method while predesigning a scene,animation or detecting object seperations or combined objects and collisions. it is a good method. because you can see any object clearly. because all becomes a unique objects. and brain can detect some bad collisions or bad forms or bad designs with a clear way.


1- put mel script to Scripts Directory
2- optional:put png into icons directory. required icon if you create a shelf button.

execute this command :
source ktRainbowColors;

Each execution, generates random colors for each polygons in your if you dont think they are contrast colors enough. just re-execute the code above.

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