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There have been many catastrophes in the world, we must remember this and not allow them to happen. Global warming, ocean pollution, Chernobyl disaster, Deepwater Horizon, oil dumping, Increasing CO2 concentration, Drinking water contamination, Volcanic eruptions, ice melting, nuclear disaste, Oil spill, coronavirus 2019-nCoV, London smog, Accident at a chemical plant in Bhopal.

Suitable to dramatic moments in movie, documentary, film score, thinking moments, tender slideshow, encouraging, romantic and hopeful mood; suspenseful and meaningful scenes, melodramatic clip, video background, time-lapse, slideshow and social projects, Social Problems.

Lyric Social Piano 1 – 2:39

Lyric Social Piano 2 – 2:32

Lyric Social Piano 3 – 2:20

Lyric Social Piano 4 – 1:41

Lyric Social Piano 5 – 0:51

The Cinematic Epic - 1

Great for any advertising, background, voice, business, presentation, educational, video projects, video presentations, video games. Also good for any TV commercials, websites, design, radio, YouTube videos, videos and much more! sentation, romantic, score, sensual, sentimental, soft, time-lapse, titles, trailer

FILES INCLUDED : WAVE (44.1kHz/16bit) & Mp3 (320 kbps) LAME 3.99.5 Encoder

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