Free Download : Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator (Create colourful maya shelf icons within 5 secs)

Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator (Create colourful maya shelf icons within 5 secs)

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Maya Shelf Icon Generator

CRYSTAL CLEAR FONTS SEEMS ONLY WORKS WITH 100 FONT SCALE OF WINDOWS. in windows font scale value 125 or 150% texts seems blurry. while creating icons please, goto windows settingsscale text value to 100%. after you export icons you can change to your defaults.! Press Windows Button. Type “scale and layout.

Generates crystal-clear colourful 5-line label icons for maya shelf commands.
exports as png.
transparency supported.

set windows custom font scaling to %100 (right click on desktop>display settings>scale and layout> [set to %100. not custom])
» if you dont see crystal clear bitmap texts right here on this page’s main preview image; reset your monitor to its natural resolution. also press autoadjust button on monitor.

»windows7 and up only ! (dont disable or stop windows theme service)
» if this will be your day and first purchase in envato and will ready to complain before buy via false sentences;dont buy.
» what you see is what you get. if you dont see a crystal-clear-text in product item image preview;dont buy. (its because you have a wrong resolution monitor set!)
» if you are a person who uses still Windows XP. (win7 minimum required)
» if dont have “Administrator Rights” on the pc.
» if you are a 1-day-old member on envato
please dont buy.
Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator (Create colourful maya shelf icons within 5 secs) - 1
version 1.4 (Aug 28 2019)
» Maya icon standards seems changed. icons generated with Maya Shelf icon Generator was seen blurry. fixed.

» dont stop windows “theme service” (check services.msc)

» Favorites Functionality added. now you can collect and reuse icon styles. by the way you can remember your icon styles.
» each 5 line backgrounds now can be stylized individually.
» right click to preview lines to select. left click to preview lines to apply last background-color. eg. if you right click to line1 and than left click to line2; will apply line1 style to line2 style. its utilized to build style applying to 5lines faster.
(please dont use bad antivirus apps andalso use this tool via “Administrator priviliages”).

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