Free Download : MOBILITY_01: MoCap Pack

MOBILITY_01: MoCap Pack

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136 Mobility Animations: A full set of game-ready, 3D character animations to move your character around a virtual environment. All animations are .fbx format, standard .fbx bone names.

INCLUDING: Idles, Walking, Jogging, Running, Crouching, Turns, Hops, Jumps, Fidgets, Deaths and Transitions.

Allows for movement in four directions with crouches and jumps. Includes three speeds; walk, jog and run, with various strafing and backwards cycles. Also includes idle and turn animations with transitions. Locomotions are included as traveling and in-place loops. Moving Jumps are included as traveling and in-place motion. All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched for seamless motion trees. All locomotions are already created as clean one cycle loops; saving space and no need for further trimming. The detailed motion captured transitions to and from Idles and locomotions are a big bonus; adding heightened realism compared to simple blending. A running character slamming on the brakes and checking his balance as he comes to a standing halt is impressive and dramatic. No animation blending was used at all in the video, which includes all animations. Motions were simply played back to back.



Stand_Relaxed_Idle Stand_Relaxed_L_45 Stand_Relaxed_L_90 Stand_Relaxed_L_135 Stand_Relaxed_L_180 Stand_Relaxed_R_45 Stand_Relaxed_R_90 Stand_Relaxed_R_135 Stand_Relaxed_R_180 Stand_Relaxed_Jump Stand_Relaxed_Jump_F Stand_Relaxed_Jump_B Stand_Relaxed_Jump_L Stand_Relaxed_Jump_R Stand_Relaxed_Hop Stand_Relaxed_Hop_F Stand_Relaxed_Hop_B Stand_Relaxed_Hop_L Stand_Relaxed_Hop_R Stand_Relaxed_Fgt_v1 Stand_Relaxed_Fgt_v2 Stand_Relaxed_Fgt_v3 Stand_Relaxed_Fgt_v4


Walk_F Walk_B Walk_L Walk_R Walk_L_CIR Walk_R_CIR Walk_L_90 Walk_R_90 Walk_L_180 Walk_R_180 Walk_F_Jump Walk_L_Jump Walk_R_Jump Walk_B_Jump Stand_Relaxed_to_Walk_F Stand_Relaxed_to_Walk_L Stand_Relaxed_to_Walk_R Stand_Relaxed_to_Walk_B Walk_F_to_Stand_Relaxed Walk_L_to_Stand_Relaxed Walk_R_to_Stand_Relaxed Walk_B_to_Stand_Relaxed


Jog_F Jog_B Jog_L Jog_R Jog_L_CIR Jog_R_CIR Jog_L_90 Jog_R_90 Jog_L_180 Jog_R_180 Jog_F_Jump Jog_L_Jump Jog_R_Jump Stand_Relaxed_to_Jog_F Stand_Relaxed_to_Jog_L Stand_Relaxed_to_Jog_R Stand_Relaxed_to_Jog_B Jog_F_to_Stand_Relaxed Jog_L_to_Stand_Relaxed Jog_R_to_Stand_Relaxed Jog_B_to_Stand_Relaxed


Run_F Run_L Run_R Run_L_CIR Run_R_CIR Run_L_90 Run_R_90 Run_L_180 Run_R_180 Run_F_Jump Run_L_Jump Run_R_Jump Stand_Relaxed_to_Run_F Stand_Relaxed_to_Run_L Stand_Relaxed_to_Run_R Run_F_to_Stand_Relaxed Run_L_to_Stand_Relaxed Run_R_to_Stand_Relaxed


Crouch_Idle Crouch_L_45 Crouch_L_90 Crouch_L_135 Crouch_L_180 Crouch_R_45 Crouch_R_90 Crouch_R_135 Crouch_R_180 CrouchWalk_F CrouchWalk_B CrouchWalk_L CrouchWalk_R Stand_Relaxed_to_Crouch Crouch_to_Stand_Relaxed Crouch_to_CrouchWalk_F Crouch_to_CrouchWalk_B Crouch_to_CrouchWalk_L Crouch_to_CrouchWalk_R CrouchWalk_F_to_Crouch CrouchWalk_B_to_Crouch CrouchWalk_L_to_Crouch CrouchWalk_R_to_Crouch


Walk_F_IP Walk_B_IP Walk_L_IP Walk_R_IP Walk_F_Jump_IP Walk_B_Jump_IP Walk_L_Jump_IP Walk_R_Jump_IP Jog_F_IP Jog_B_IP Jog_L_IP Jog_R_IP Jog_F_Jump_IP? Jog_B_Jump_IP Jog_L_Jump_IP Jog_R_Jump_IP Run_F_IP Run_R_IP Run_L_IP Run_F_Jump_IP Run_R_Jump_IP Run_L_Jump_IP CrouchWalk_F_IP CrouchWalk_B_IP CrouchWalk_L_IP CrouchWalk_R_IP

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