Free Download : My Plants Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Plantation Game

My Plants Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Plantation Game

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My Plants Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Plantation Game.


- Made In Construct 3.

- C3P Included.

- HTML5 Included (Online) Multi File.

- HTML5 Included (Online and Offline) Single File.

- Documentation Included.

- All Platforms Supported.

- Design Included.

- Fully Optimized.

- You can contact me. (if you need any support).

How to play:

Choose a seed and start the game. Don’t let down the ground condition, water level and fertilizers. You have to add the water and fertilizer and prepare the ground. Keep water level, fertilizer level and soil condition more than 50% until the full growth of the plant. If you let down all less than 50% then game over. Collect the coins to buy more seeds.

About the Game and Files Included:

This game is a plantation game. Collect the coins and buy a new seed. Then start the plantation and increase your inventory. If you want to redirect to the url with the score when the game is over or if you want to change some settings, I can do it for you. This game is developed by using Construct 3. Construct 3 file and HTML5 files are included with this package. You can change only images, sounds on html5. You can change anything on Construct 3. If you need additional changes let me know. I will do it for you. If you want to know anything about this product you can contact me.

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