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New edge is a dynamic project in cyberpunk style. I used baked animation( obj sequence) to grow new blocks, lightning, and sphere animations. Therefore, the maximum that can be done with them is to change the playback speed in the Element3D. In the project, I wanted to show the growth and development of how a cube goes from a passive to a living structure. Therefore, 1 image is almost black, and at the end we see bright colors in the cube.

I also made a small GIF of the process of creating a main scene from which I developed further design


  • Data type: vector, text, 3d mode(1 scene)
  • Plug-in required: Element3d, Stardust
  • Modular Structure
  • 10 unique scenes
  • Stardust using in 1 location (pre-render version of this scene is included)
  • Up to 10 images in 7 scenes or a 3D model.


AirFamily – Trailer Futuristic

Known issue

Because this is a element3D in most cases, it loses the path to 3D models. To fix this, you need to open all the scenes, find the e3d layer in them, and go to the scene settings. Next, if the element does not offer you to specify the path to the models (usually the footage folder), you need to do it manually. File> relink scene file. Repeat in all scenes and all layers with element 3d (video tuts)

Still Frames

  • 3 scene have pre-render version
  • in 5 scene you can add text or icon.
  • In scene 7 you can use a 3D model or up to 10 imeges

new-edge-1 new-edge-2 pre-render version of this scene is included new-edge-3 new-edge-4 You can add text or an icon to this scene. new-edge-5 new-edge-5a new-edge-6 You can use a 3D model in this scene new-edge-7 new-edge-7a new-edge-8 new-edge-9 new-edge-10

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