Free Download : PostgreSQL to REST API Generator With JWT Token Authentication - PHP + Postman

PostgreSQL to REST API Generator With JWT Token Authentication - PHP + Postman

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Automatically generate PHP REST API from PostgreSQL

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Are you still waiting to start your mobile app development and other mobile app projects? But don’t have time to create REST API for your mobile app?

Quick and easy tool, can be used easily by any one. Either a developer who want to save time of writing repetitive code or either a project manager who want to focus more on important work than writing repetitive code.

Don’t wasting your resources to do the repetitive work of writing the same query and same function 100 times?

If you closely look into the REST API using PHP, you will notice you have to write all most the same function multiple time for different tables. Like if you have table user, posts, comments then you will be writing API function for add user, select user, select user by id, update user and delete user. Now again you will writing API function for add post, select post, select post by id, update post and delete post. Same for comments… do you notice? just reading the same above line 2 times is tedious, how to write the same code 100 times for 100 tables. So here is a small automation which will give you a generated API file which you just have to deploy according to your configuration. Let me know in comment what you think about it…

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  • Create a record
  • Update a record
  • Select all record
  • Select by Id
  • Delete a record by id


  • Generate Any number of APIs
  • Generate Any number of tables
  • Generate PHP API with routing
  • Generate PHP API with module segregation
  • Generate PHP API and upload it directly to your server
  • Generate PHP API with no coding knowledge
  • Customize your generator file with template support.
  • Happy coding!

    PHP API Generator from postgreSQL database

    PHP Generate API automatically

    REST API Generator

    PHP REST API Generator

    MySQL to API Generator

V1.1 - 
 - 16th Nov 2020 
     - Added image upload endpoint
     - Added file upload endpoint (pdf/docx)
     - Added FCM notification endpoint
     - Skip table functionality
V1.0 - Initial Release - postgreSQL to REST API Generator
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