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With increasing in scripts for After Effects, and spread of one function scripts principle

The need for script that contains all the required functions has increased

We present to you PRO.Motion

All in one add-on for After Effects

  • with over than 35+ functions
  • and very high speed compared to others
  • lifetime free update

Make your workflow faster

Download PRO Motion Document PRO Motion - 1


PRO Motion - 2


PRO Motion - 3 PRO Motion - 4 PRO Motion - 5 PRO Motion - 6 PRO Motion - 7 PRO Motion - 8

V 1.0.4 (Current version)
+ Add DeCompose Selected Compositions [ at Break Shape / Text Layers Button] ( CC 2017 and Above )
+ Add Search Bar to Script Launcher
+ Add Showing Subfolder Scripts in Script Launcher
+ Add Sorting Scripts in Script Launcher from A to Z
+ Add Double Click on Scripts List with Holding Shift to Open Script Folder
+ Add Navigate in Script Launcher with Arrows and Enter
+ Fix Some Script Launcher Bugs
+ Change Adjust Position relative to the composition: [ Shift + Click ] => [ Right Click ]
+ Change Break Text Layer to Lines: [ Shift + Click ] => [ Ctrl + Click ]
V 1.0.3
+ Add Script Launcher
+ Add Take a Screenshot
+ Add Swap Fill & Stroke Colors
+ Add Adjust Position relative to the composition
+ Add Trim Composition to Layers
+ Add Shape Stroke Align (inner, outer, center)
+ Fix move anchor point if There are Keyframes & Dimensions Separated
+ Some UI Fixes
V 1.0.2
+ Add get all Fill / Stroke colors from selected layers
+ Add change color of Fill / Stroke in selected layers (without select the property)
+ Add Modes to Color Palette (with code / without code)
+ Add Remove all colors from Color Palette
+ Fix Undo Group when add Color Palette
+ Some UI Fixes
V 1.0.1
+ Add execute code to quick note
+ Fix move anchor point if Dimensions Separated
+ Fix CTRL functions didn't work on Mac OS
V 1.0.0
+ Initial Release
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