Free Download : R&B Hip Hop Pack

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Lounge Hip Hop, Soul Hip-Hop, Soul R&B, R&B Music, Background Soul R&B, Chill LoFi

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This package is soul-rnb hip-hop.

The Pack Is Consists Of:

Lo-Fi Chill Hip-Hop
Atmospheric light music in the style of hip hop. Great for: travel blogs, social videos, urban stories, documentaries, breakdancing, debuts, slide shows, rap videos, ads, auto show, presentations, etc.

❶ Full – [1:51]
❷ Short – [1:19]
❸ Loop – [0:21]
❹ Loop 2 – [0:10]

Background Soul R&B Beat
Atmospheric music. Great for: travel blogs, social videos, love stories, documentaries, family shots, openings, slideshows, romantic moments, ads, presentations, etc.

❶ Full – [1:16]
❷ Short 1 – [0:34]
❸ Short 2 – [0:23]
❹ Loop – [0:10]

Dramatic Hip-Hop R&B Beat
Soul R&B Hip Hop is a modern soundtrack with a deep acoustic sound for your creative video project. The main genre is R&B Chill trap, hip-hop background and modern rap beat. Perfect for urban video.

❶ Soul R&B Hip Hop (Full) – 2:31
❷ Soul R&B Hip Hop (Short) – 0:52
❸ Soul R&B Hip Hop (Loop) – 0:20

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