Free Download : Selection - HubSpot Theme for Magazine and Blog

Selection - HubSpot Theme for Magazine and Blog

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Selection is a HubSpot CMS theme that perfectly fits for any blogger’s needs. Selection’s clean & balanced layout makes it the best choice for bloggers. The theme includes a lot of module that are easy to edit

Checkout the online documentation HERE

Theme Includes:

  • Page templates
    1. Home
    2. Contact
    3. Landing page
  • Blog listing
  • Blog post
  • Backup-unsubscribe template.
    1. Email backup unsubscribe.
  • 2 error page templates.
    1. 404 error.
    2. 500 error.
  • Search results template.
  • Password prompt template
  • Subscription-preferences template.
  • Subscriptions-confirmation template.
  • Multi-language Content Support



  • Cormorant
  • Open Sans
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