Free Download : Unity Game Template - Cup Balancing

Unity Game Template - Cup Balancing

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Cup Balancing is an exciting level-base game in which you swipe left or right to swipe away the platforms to make the object above fall down. The goal is clear the way for the balancing object fall down to the end and avoid that object fall into the black obstacle.
The game is ready to release straight out of the box, and it can also be easily customized to make it even more engaging to your players. Supports for PC/Mac, iOS, Android, etc…!
This template is made with Unity C# and optimized for mobile devices.This template provides you a full-featured, ready-for-release game source code that you can customize and build your own game in no time!
APK Demo:
- Addictive one-touch gameplay
- Smooth control, eye-catching graphics
- Leaderboard system using Dreamlo
- 50++ levels
- Very easy to add new levels with detailed instruction
- 40++ objects for you to design your own levels
- Multiple ad networks: Admob and Unity Ads ready to use (banner, interstitial and rewarded video).
- Native share Android/iOS
- Facebook/Twitter share
- Commented C# code with detailed documentation
- Optimized for mobile
- Free-to-use assets (fonts, sounds, music, models, etc.)
- Ready to publish out-of-the-box
- Requires Unity 2019.4.0f1 or higher versions
- Xcode to build for iOS
- Please read the documentation for instruction on how to setup and reskin. Documentation is located at the path Assets/_Cup_Balancing/Documentation. Thanks.

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