Free Download : Vaxi – COVID Vaccination and Medical HubSpot Theme

Vaxi – COVID Vaccination and Medical HubSpot Theme

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Vaxi Template created for Medical and Health Services that are of great importance these days. We designed pages carefully with strong care about safety with important information for life and healthcare.

Please Note: Information provided as preview content is for demonstration purposes only. Refer to your local government and/or health organizations for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Unique Layouts Handmade

Unique and Flexible Design Layouts

Completely Cross-Browser Support

Layouts were made for Clinic, Laboratory, Medical Services, Health-Oriented Organizations, COVID-19 Services like Vaccination, Laboratory Tests, Social Information about how to protect yourself. Also, Vaxi template is perfect for online doctor consultation. For patients looking for a doctor, booking an appointment, using personal health and analysis in a personal account, choose a doctor by name, specialization, department, and location. Vaxi template includes different styles of Home Pages for variations of multiple health services – Vaccination, Testing, Diagnostic and others.

It’s composed of About page, Services, Service Detail, Blog, Doctors, Account, Contact, Programs, Call to Actions, and Popup Banners. All pages have needful blocks with Search Filters, Subscribe and Booking Doctor forms, search form location, banners, call to action, hero sections that hold attention to the webpage. The information in the template is provided for informational purposes only. Look for complete information about vaccination and coronavirus on specialized resources.

List of modules:

  • Accordion
  • Card section
  • Contact form
  • Customizable button
  • Customizable button link
  • Feature box
  • Feature icon
  • Features in numbers
  • Icon box big
  • Icon box modified
  • Icon circle
  • Icons row
  • Icons row big
  • Main title
  • Menu section
  • Popup video
  • Pricing card
  • Service
  • Service list
  • Social follow
  • Team single
  • Testimonials
  • Top banner
  • Top banner contact

List of page templates:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog index
  • Blog post
  • Contact
  • Hubdb
  • Landing page
  • Pricing
  • QA test
  • Services
  • Single service
  • Team
  • Landing page small
  • All basic system templates

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Vaxi – Covid-19 Vaccination & Health Services Elementor Template Kit

Vaxi – COVID Vaccination Template for Figma

Vaxi – COVID Vaccination Template for XD

Vaxi – COVID Vaccination Template for Sketch

Vaxi – COVID Vaccination Template for Photoshop


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