Free Download : WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages for Shop / Products / Cart / Checkout Pages

WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages for Shop / Products / Cart / Checkout Pages
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WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages for Shop / Products / Cart / Checkout Pages - 1 WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages will help you boost your sales by informing customers about promotions/offers/sales on the shop page/product page/cart page or during the checkout process.

You can increase the average value of orders by notifying users what the minimum amount they have to spend to get free shipping or other offers.

A common mistake is to offer discounts or promotions that customers can’t see – or they are not visible, making the entire process ineffective.

WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages solves this problem, offering you the chance to create a message that your customers will see once they reach their cart page/checkout page and even on the shop and product details pages!

Rapidly Increase the purchases on your e-commerce website!

Avoid cart abandonment. Studies show that over 80% of customers who abandon their cart before completing their purchase, do so after finding themselves facing shipping fees.

So, offering free shipping once a certain purchase value is reached and informing customers directly in their shop/cart/checkout pages will reduce cart abandonment.

There are 3 types of messages that you can display on your website:
  • Minimum amount
  • Deadline
  • Custom message

For the minimum amount message, well its name speaks for itself. By using it you can display a minimum amount message on the Shop / Product details / Cart and Checkout Pages. For example – Free delivery for orders of at least $19.19. Also depending on the template, you can set up the message’s font, font size, color, button link & color & more!

The deadline message, well it’s a deadline message. For example: Order within 12 hours 29 minutes and get free delivery at checkout! Let your users know if you have a certain time frame where you will offer discounts/promotions / free shipping. This certain massage will increase your conversions for sure!

And the custom message is well a custom message. Here you can write anything, like 20 YEARS Celebration! 20% OFF all products – use code 20YEARSCELL at checkout!, or Autumn Special Sale – 50% OFF, or well any other message that might be beneficial to your e-commerce business.

4 templates available Different templates that can be customized fast and easy You can customize your message colors, icons, and style right from the plugin panel. Choose where to display your messages Choose to display messages to your shop/product details/cart and checkout pages!

Features list:

  • Works as wordpress plugin
  • Compatible with woocommerce
  • Easy to install & use
  • 3 types of messages available
  • Deadline message
  • Minimum amount message
  • Custom message
  • Custom button links
  • 4 templates
  • Customizable
  • Edit font family / size / font colour
  • Edit background color / border color
  • Edit icon / icon colour


  • Secure connection (SSL)
  • Wordpress 5.4+
  • WooCommerce 4.3.1+
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